Slingshot Pen

Slingshot Pen
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Who enjoys sitting at a desk all day with nothing for entertainment, with nothing fun to do? Not many people do. There aren't a lot of people who would openly admit to loving every single moment that they spend cooped up in an office with only work to keep them busy. Fun people like to have fun things to do. Fun people like to have a little bit of entertainment around, even when they are working. This Slingshot Pen will help to bring a bit of fun and excitement to the office. This pen will keep you entertained even when you are in an atmosphere that is most often boring.

This product is made to look like a normal pen aside from one small thing. The top of the pen is shaped in a V, with the look of a slingshot. This pen actually is a real, working slingshot, something that can liven things up in the office when the world grows boring. This pen is a great gift for those who are stuck in an office all day, and it would also be a fun prize to gift to yourself. This pen contains a real slingshot at the top, which can be used to shoot small objects across the office.

While made to be fun and silly, this pen actually does work as a real pen. Don't buy this pen just for its slingshot action, you will find that this pen can be useful - if you choose to get some work accomplished while it is in your hands, that is. This pen has multiple uses, and just having it in the office will help you to feel a little happier about the life that you have been given. Just looking at this plastic pen will inspire you to lighten up and enjoy your life a little more.

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