Glowing Fish Tank

Glowing Fish Tank
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The GloFish 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit provides everything you need to create a unique, glowing display for your fish. This aquarium is a small crescent shaped habitat that fits on desks, counters, accent tables or other small surfaces. Made of clear acrylic, the tank is light weight and easy to move even when filled so it can be located in different places as desired.

The aquarium boasts a special blue LED light which is built into the display and causes the florescent fish to glow during the day or night. Florescent aquarium decorations including aquatic plants, pebbles, a small castle and a treasure chest among others can be purchased separately. The aquarium sports a curved front which provides a clear view of your fish from multiple angles and locations in the room. The solid black base provides a contrast to your fish and decorations making their florescent glow seem even brighter. Should you desire a change, the florescent light can be turned off in order to appreciate the natural bright colors of your fish.

The area inside this small tank is perfect for smaller fish such as tetras, tiger barbs or zebra danios. In order to ensure the tank water remains clean, the GloFish 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit includes a Tetra Whisper Internal filter along with a Bio-Bag cartridge. The whisper filter produces almost no noise so it will not detract from the enjoyment you feel when watching your fish. This kit provides all the basics you need to start for those who have never kept fish before and provides an added thrill for those who have previously kept ordinary fish in an unwieldy tank. Each aquarium can be individualized by adding new fish and florescent plants and ornaments can be easily changed to create a different look. The numerous options available for enhancing your underwater florescent habitat will create endless delight for those of all ages.

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