Periodic Table Building Blocks

Periodic Table Building Blocks
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Stacking up the elements,
you'll likely always know
how many more electrons
ununpentium has than gold.

You'll never need to Google
the atomic weight of lead
when you have quick access
to these building blocks instead!

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This set of periodic table building blocks are made from solid wood. There are twenty blocks in total, but features all the elements of the periodic table. One element on each side of each block. The dimension of one side of one block is 1.5 in.

A User Review For You: "I'm impressed by the vivid colors on these blocks. I can tell they are high quality and manufactured well. They have held up nicely to months of children abuse. I did some research on the materials used in the blocks and I was happy with the results. The wood is basswood from Michigan. The color is from safe, non-toxic, inks that are lead free. So yeah, I was pleased with the safety of the blocks. I'm a really happy customer."