Wookie Onesie

Wookie Onesie
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With this cotton garment, your tyke can both speak
and live with the Wookies out on Kashyyyk.

Your little one can fly spacecrafts in accepted defiance
by joining the fight with the Rebel Alliance.

Then you can scoop them back up when their fighting is through
And put them to sleep, your little Lumpawaroo.

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This wookie onesie is 93 percent cotton and 7 percent polyester. It comes in heather grey. The following sizes are available: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months. The wookie onesie is perfect for the Star Wars enthused parent!

A User Review For You:"I couldn't resist getting one of these for my infant and one for my little, brown, fuzzy dog named Chewie. Seriously, I have a dog named Chewie. I had to get these onesies! They are nicely made and I really like em."