Cool Gadgets

Remember, the definition of “cool” is open to some interpretation but we will try to only feature really cool gadgets on this page.

Floor Cleaning Robot

I hate having dirty floors. I don’t like sweeping. Those two things don’t work out well. This floor cleaning robot is the perfect gadget to solve this problem.

Home 3D Printer

Yup, the 3D printing craze is real and really understandable. How seriously amazing is the idea of printing OBJECTS out of a printer on your desktop? Pretty amazing. If I had 2,000 bucks, I’d buy one.

SNES and NES Portable Game System

I can’t think of a cooler gadget than this device that lets you play NES and SNES games… on the go. A dream come true.

Sleeping Bag Tent Jacket

This is all about being prepared, yet, light weight for outdoor situations. Perfect item for those who love to camp, hike, hunt, or backpack. Combination jacket for the win!

USB Missile Launcher

Cool gadget alert, cool gadget alert! Plug this bad boy into your computer and you will have at your command, one mean, green, foam missile shooting machine.

Robotic Lawn Mower

This is a robot that mows your lawn. How seriously amazing is that? You don’t have to mow your own lawn. Yeah. Neat.

Remote Controlled Cooler

A cooler with wheels that is controlled by a remote. Now you can be even lazier than you already are. If I had more money, I’d buy this thing.

Bike Chalk

Create pieces of beautiful or awful artwork while riding your bike. I’m guessing most people aren’t very good bike artists. Still, this is a neat gadget. I think kids would love one, don’t you?

BBQ Sword

Ah yes, the BBQ sword. Is it practical? Yes, mostly. Is it sweet? 100%. Who doesn’t want to roast a weenie or a marshmallow on a BBQ sword?

Magnetic Light Switch Cover

Now this device is 100% practical. Do you lose your keys a lot? Hang them on your light switch that is next to your door. The picture shows a hammer hanging on the switch. I don’t think that’s the way to go.

Toilet Seat Lifting Pedal

When you have to go to the bathroom, do you really want to touch the seat? I don’t. You don’t. Nobody does. That is why this gadget is a cool product.

Pocket Chainsaw

Sometimes, you need a chainsaw. How often? Depends. This chainsaw fits in your pocket, yet, is able to chew through a log. Fantastic.

Mystical Fire

Ohhhh, mystical fire. It sounds so unknown. Not really. It’s chemicals in a packet that you throw in a fire that turns your flames into neat colors. Not mystical, but it is a cool gadget.

Night Light With Removable Ball Lights

This is probably for your kids, or grand kids. I’m not sure. Do you have kids or grand kids? Or, are you really afraid of the dark and need to carry balls of lights with you?

Functioning Lego Mug

We all have to drink, sometime. Some of us choose to drink out of cooler cups and mugs than others. I find this Lego mug pretty darn neat. If you don’t like Legos, you may not think it’s very cool. I suggest that you like Legos.

Trailer Hitch Vault

Don’t worry, this has a combo locker to protect your valuables. Seems like a pretty cool idea. I don’t have a truck so I don’t have this thing. If I did have a truck, I’d want to buy one of these with your money.

Vapor Blaster

The power to blast vapor rings all around! This gun is pretty sweet. The smoke can blast a distance of 14 feet.

Electric Shock Reaction Game

This is a game for a family of pain lovers or for a family willing to accept pain in order to give some pain to another member of the family. Sounds like a good bonding activity. Neat-o I say, Neat-o!

Cooler Scooter

This combines two great things. A gadget that keeps stuff cool and a device that moves you places. There seems to be some weird entrepreneurial opportunity if you buy one of these.

Magical Sand Free Mat

Close your eyes. Imagine a mat/towel that you can take to the beach or have picnics on. This towel never has sand on the top of it. You love it. Everyone loves it. Now, open your eyes. Here is your mat.

Credit Card Folding Knife

This seems like it would come in handy a lot. Need to cut a rope? Need to get something out of your tooth? Need to perform an operation? Bust out your credit card sized knife.

Hand Operated Backhoe

I can imagine all of the noises I would be making as a kid with one of these cool gadgets. Seriously, I want to be a kid again.

Pen Cap Utensils

Some may argue that these aren’t a cool gadget. I say, maybe. But, there is a chance these are pretty awesome. Keep them in your desk and when you find out all of the utensils are out, WHAM! You have some.

Camera Lens Mug

If there were a hall of fame of neat gadgets, this would be in it. I think I saw this in every list of cool gadgets.

LED Rainfall Shower Head

I can imagine myself in a beautiful trance as I gaze up into the beautiful colors of my shower head. Time flies as the water finally runs out of hot water and I get out of the shower. Colors man, colors.

Motorized Monocycle

You want to know the price of this? 13,000. You want to know how gnarly this is? I can’t tell you. Too high.

Window Washing Robot

I find robots to be so amazingly neat. I find them to be even cooler when they perform cleaning tasks for you.

Working Electronic Guitar Shirt

Look at that man. He is sticking out his tongue. You too could be jamming out on your shirt whilst sticking out your tongue.

Four Person Pedal Car

Unique? Check. Practical? It could be. Awesome? Yes. Take your small family out for a spin in this sweet gadget!

Electronic Drum Shirt

The combination of a drum and a shirt is pretty sweet. Imagine sitting in class or at work, hopefully on a break, playing some nice beats. Sounds nice, doesn’t?