Laser Guided Beard Trimmer

Laser Guided Beard Trimmer
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Let's face it: beard trimming is a tricky proposition, and unfortunately, if you mess it up, it can take weeks to get things back to normal again. Now, however, you'll never have to worry about taking an unexpected chunk out of your beard design again. Simply use the Laser Guided Beard Trimmer to shape and sculpt your beard, removing the hair that you don't want while keeping the hair that you do want firmly in place. For men who have trouble visualizing the straight edges they need or who struggle to see exactly what they're doing, this is the perfect way to ensure that you're creating the beard design that you want to wear on your face every day.

Choose Your Length

The Laser Guided Beard Trimmer comes complete with no less than seventeen unique length settings. You can choose between stubble and a full-length beard with one easy change in length, allowing you to create the precision effect you're desperately seeking. Want to be a little scruffy rather than clean-shaven? Not a problem. Prefer a longer beard, but need to trim up the edges? You're in business. This beard trimmer has everything you need to get the perfect trim every time you need it.

Two Sides for Better Care

The dual-sided beard trimmer has two sides that allow you to choose the one you need. Going around those hard-to-trim areas near your mouth? Choose the slimmer, more precise side. Need to straighten your neckline or your sideburns quickly and efficiently? The beard trimmer has a longer side for exactly that purpose.

Use It As Long As You Need

There's nothing more frustrating than getting halfway through your personal grooming routine only to realize that your beard trimmer is out of juice. This beard trimmer, on the other hand, will allow for an hour of continuous use before it will need to be attached to its charger again. Unless you're passing it down the line for the entire football team, it will take care of all of your beard trimming needs.

Make Your Shaving Experience More Exciting

Let's face it: sometimes, you just need a little thrill in your everyday life. This beard trimmer provides exactly that! There's nothing quite like flashing around a laser while you're shaving to make you feel like you've hit a new level of cool. The laser does, of course, provide only straight lines, so if you like that jagged-edged look, it won't help you much--but, hey, it's a laser!

Note: Keep It In Front of the Mirror

While you can rinse the blade of your beard trimmer with warm water, it's not appropriate for use in the shower or bathtub. Like most electric products, it's not suitable for use around water, and dropping it likely won't give you super powers or even a super beard. It will just give you a really good shock that could potentially cause long-term problems. For that reason, this beard trimmer is a product that is best used in front of a mirror, rather than while you're showering.