Fat Separator and Strainer

Fat Separator and Strainer
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For anyone who is used to preparing and cooking large meals in the oven such as turkeys, a roast or chickens, they know that some of the best flavor sits in the base of the pan. This is where all of the ingredients sit and mingle, often for hours at a time, so the sauce that sits here can bring out the flavor in the rest of the food.

However, the fat runoff also sits on the bottom of the pan as well, so being able to remove and separate the fat from the rest of the contents is important. Thankfully, this is all possible with the help of the Fat Separator and Strainer. This strainer can make a cook's life far easier, so whether they are making a delicious gravy and want to skip the fat and oil or they just want to take the flavor of a pot roast, this is a great way to do it.

The strainer looks like a large teapot. On the lid there is a strainer so when the contents of a pot are poured it, it can collect all of the seasoning and bits and prevent it from falling into the strainer. Of course, the cook can use the seasoning after the fat separation has been done. The fat and oil is going to float due to the lighter nature of fatty tissue. This pushes the good, quality products to the bottom, which is where the spout is located. From here the cook just needs to pour the contents into a new container and the dressing is going to pour out while it leaves the fat and oil behind. They can then take the seasoning caught in the strainer and add it back to the meal in order to make sure everyone can enjoy this delicious meal.

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