Glass Skull Ice Bucket

Glass Skull Ice Bucket
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This glass skull ice bucket is the perfect ice container for all occasions, whether it be social gatherings or Halloween. The container is made of crystal clear glass, allowing one to see their stash of ice. It's shaped cleverly and accurately to represent a human skull. However, the glass is thick, making it rather durable since it's hand washable. For added convenience, the ice container has two short handles which allow easy carrying. This is the perfect ice container for mixed drinks of all types, even soft drinks. Thanks to this glass skull, trips to the freezer can be reduced or avoided all together.

On one hand, this container is not only used for ice but other items as well. One customer review said that they used it to hold their TV remotes. This glass piece would also make the perfect piggy bank, or it can be used as a drinking glass itself. There's all sorts of endless possibilities that one can do with this beautiful piece of glass. The glass skull ice bucket is the perfect addition to family gatherings, parties, restaurants, and more. Many of the customers who bought this item were more than satisfied with their purchase.

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