Infinity Mirror

Infinity Mirror
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Stare into the depths of the stunning Nova infinity mirror and see your future, or at least how great you look today. This eye-catching and unique lighting option produces a mesmerizing infinity effect of a tunnel of tiny LED lights leading away into eternity like the end of a cerebral sci-fi movie. The bold design of the spiraling carved wood frame draws the eye in and frames the dark glass of the mirror. Switch on the light and it becomes a deep vortex leading you further into the dark. The beautiful contemporary frame is hand crafted and made to order, making it a one of a kind art piece as well as a gorgeous lighting fixture you won't find anywhere else.

With its glittering tunnel of LED lights, this cunningly crafted two way mirror turns any ordinary bedroom or kitchen wall into a mystifying window into an infinite dimension. This supremely modern mirror makes a statement on any wall with it's beguiling spiral design and infinitely repeating ring of fairy lights disappearing into the glassy depths. The hand finished frame boasts a warm and rich root beer aluminum finish that sets off the subtle glow of the infinity effect. The LED lights are included with this remarkable lighting fixture, come with a switch, and only need to be plugged into a 110V outlet to work.

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