Outdoor Wooden Shower

Outdoor Wooden Shower
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We all remember those old films about living in the South Seas or spending Spring Break on the beach. The characters always used an outdoor shower at some point in the movie. Exotic, bohemian and tropical, the movie stars were reveling in the sun and surf and they stood in the natural surroundings showering their bronze bodies. Taking prolonged holidays in exotic surroundings has become cost-prohibitive for many of us. We are hearing more about families who have decided to invest in turning their own back yard into an oasis, coining the word "stay-cation."

If you are one of these families, imagine how fun it would be to shower in your own yard. Especially if you have added a swimming pool to your stay-cation surroundings. Caring for your pool requires tasks such as cleaning and water Ph management. Keeping your pool water healthy is much easier if everyone who enjoys it rinses off their body prior to taking the plunge. This outdoor shower will pay for itself on pool upkeep and chemicals in no time. Anytime children or pets are outside, or if hubby is working on landscaping during the warm months, dirt and mud are always tracked into the house. They can hop onto the shower and rinse off the top layer of filth even before entering the house.

This outdoor shower is constructed of beautiful teak planks, similar to the interior of an upscale steam bath. There are no tools needed to get it running -- just connect your garden hose. When you step onto the wooden planks, the fine streams of water from 22 jets shoot upward about 6 to 13 feet (depending on water pressure) just like a fountain. Since the shipping is free, order your own Outdoor Wooden Shower today and start enjoying your summer!

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