Table Monster Salt, Pepper, and Oil Shaker

Table Monster Salt, Pepper, and Oil Shaker
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Are you a cryptozoologist, a paranormal investigator, or just a hungry diner who wants to believe? This quirky Table Monster salt, pepper and oil shaker proves the existence of Scotland's famous Loch Ness Monster and displays it proudly on your tabletop for skeptics and gawkers to marvel at. Cunningly crafted to swim along your tabletop, this savory sea monster adds some flair and personality to your daily dishes, and can even spice up special occasions with its cute condiment carrying capabilities. Ferocious but friendly, this monstrous salt and pepper set turns passing the salt into an aquatic adventure across the table to uncharted dishes and unmapped meals.

This charming and fun set includes an oil pourer as well as salt and pepper shakers. Crafted from white ceramic and fashioned after the likeness of the most sought after sea monster in the world, each piece also includes silicone stoppers that make cleaning and refilling a snap. This useful little Table Monster turns any dining table into its own personal Loch Ness and adds a touch of whimsy and humor to mealtimes, making it a great gift or collectible. This eye-catching design is perfect for families with kids, for the nerd in your life who still loves monster movies and saw Sasquatch on the golf course, or anyone with a love for food and a quirky sense of humor.

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