Fish Plant Tank

Fish Plant Tank
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Add some green to your home setting with this beautiful fish plant tank or AquaFarm. This 3-gallon fish tank features a self-cleaning tank for the fish habitat and a vegetable and herb grow bed on the top. As the fish plant tank is small and portable, you can keep it anywhere in your home. The fish plant tank works fantastically with a unique natural mechanism of Aquaponics. The plants on the vegetable and herb bed receive their nutrients from the fish waste in the tank. In return, the plants keep the tank water clean and safe for the fish to grow and stay healthy.

As this biologically filtered system can have fluctuating ammonia and nitrate levels in the water, it is recommended to grow those fish that are not sensitive to nitrite. Betta fish, Zebra Danios, and guppies are three recommended fish species to grow in the fish plant tank. Buyers will have to feed the fish as per the instruction. The Aquafarm comes with a few varieties of hydroponic plant seeds, including organic basil and wheat grass. Other plants that can be grown on the plant bed include mint, arugula, cilantro, other basil varieties and parsley.

It is advised to keep one betta fish per tank. Those who want to keep more than one fish per tank should include other peaceful fish varieties. Growing gold fish in this tank is not recommended due to the small size of the tank. Maintaining the tank water temperature between 76 and 82 degree F is optimal for betta fish to grow. It is recommended to keep this fish plant tank near a place that receives direct sunlight. This will help the plants to grow optimally and reduce the chance of algae formation. Feeding the fish should be done regularly and as per the instructions. Just by pushing the feeding cap, you can drop pellets of fish food into the water tank.

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