Giant Homemade Otter Pop Bags

Giant Homemade Otter Pop Bags
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Whether you're a stay at home mom looking for an inexpensive and fun new treat for the kids after school or just someone looking for a way to make a new healthy snack while you're on the go, try these giant homemade otter pop bags. Theses bags are an awesome and safe way to create a childhood favorite for a lot of us. Made with 100% Virgin LDPE resin, these are in compliance with all FDA/USDA regulations, are manufactured with leak prevention to stop any unwanted mess, and virtually no clean up since there is no molds or trays to deal with.

By creating these pops yourself, the possibilities are endless! Simply add your favorite vegetable or fruit juice, even fresh fruit to these giant homemade otter pop bags and you have a great midday treat for those hot summer days. If the frozen route isn't your thing, these are even great for people wanting a convenient way to bring a smoothie on the go or single serve margaritas and daiquiris to a friend's get together. Even JELLO or pudding can be added for the entire family to enjoy. Either way, they will be sure to please.

Not only do you get the option to fully customize your pops but making them is a breeze. Just simply place your ingredients into the bags, tie or secure the top using a rubber band or electronic bag sealer, and freeze. In minutes you'll be enjoying these pops right from the freezer. It couldn't be any easier! So, if you're looking for a cheap and easy way to bring you back to those summer days of your childhood, an exciting way to liven up any party, or a convenient way to grab a tasty smoothie on your way to the gym, your search is over. Get yours today!

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