28 Port USB Hub

28 Port USB Hub
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For anyone who is tired of running out of USB ports on their computer system, the Manhattan 161718 28-Port USB MondoHub is the perfect answer. Just about everything runs off of some sort of a USB connection. Whether it is an external hard drive, wired mouse or audio editing hardware, a USB port is vital towards using some of the most important pieces of equipment on a computer system. Instead of constantly unplugging, plugging and guessing which cable is the right one like you are defusing some sort of a bomb, why not just go with the Manhattan 161718 28-Port USB MondoHub. This device makes life far simpler and you'll probably never run out of USB cable connections.

The Manhattan 161718 28-Port USB MondoHub has a combination of USB 2 and USB 3. USB 3 is faster and can transfer more data between a device and the computer. There are some pieces of hardware that really does not require this sort of an upgrade, such as a mouse, printer or other basic pieces of equipment. In reality, external hard drives are the only major piece of equipment that requires any sort of USB 3 or faster, so having only a handful of the faster USB option on this device really isn't that big of a deal.

The Manhattan 161718 28-Port USB MondoHub is rather straight forward to use. It has a single USB cable running out of it, which then is plugged directly into a USB port on the computer. From there, it is possible to connect any sort of USB based device to the Manhattan 161718 28-Port USB MondoHub and it is able to instantly send the information between the device and the computer, as if the external equipment is connected to the computer without a connected USB port.

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