Giraffe Mug

Giraffe Mug
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This hand painted product is sure to get your day started off right. Nothing cuter than a little panda and giraffe greeting you while you have your morning coffee or tea. The giraffe mug comes with a little panda spoon. Both animals are created in 3-D and this cup is perfect for the home or the office. Sometimes a little animal is all you need to see to brighten your day. The cup is easy to hold and is microwavable an dishwasher safe. The cute panda spoon is removable for an easy clean.

The quality and the texture of the cup is top notch. You can tell that time and patience was taken to hand paint this giraffe cup. The cup is very durable and not easily chipped. Not only will this cup get you started off on the right foot, it will also brighten others around you too! It is a great addition to those who collect animal mugs (who doesn't??). There are even many other animal mugs in this same collection, not only making drink time fun, but it can start a new collection. This is also a great little gift for children. They are sure to finish their dinner with the giraffe mug.

This giraffe cup can even be used for tea time. It will definitely be a conversation starter. This is a perfect gift for an animal lover. Some say that the giraffe's neck makes it a little difficult to hold, but that is something that the normal drinker can easily get used to. The giraffe's neck is the handle, which makes the giraffe seem as if he is looking up at the cute little panda spoon. A must have gift that will brighten anyone day and it is a perfect gift for all occasions.

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