Woolly Mammoth Hair

Woolly Mammoth Hair
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Woolly mammoths once roamed the world, with the wintery tundra of the northern hemisphere taking control in a perpetual winter, the thick coat of this relative of the elephant has proven to be one of the most important animals of prehistoric beings. Explorers and historians have come across completely frozen, in tact woolly mammoths stuck in the ice and snow throughout different regions of the world.

This is the main reason why scientists know so much about the animals. If the snow and ice had not engulfed and preserved the animals, it might not actually be known whether to not they grew such thick hair as this would have withered and died along with the skin and organs. It is this hair that makes it different from anything else currently on the planet today, and it is this Woolly Mammoth Hair that you can call your own as well.

The Woolly Mammoth Hair is a single, individual hair strain that came from a once living woolly mammoth hair. The hair itself is over 10,000 years old and came from Siberia. The single strand of hair, which is kept tightly pressed behind two pieces of glass in order to prevent any air from coming in contact with it (the air would cause the hair to break down quickly). This hair sample is truly amazing and if you are a fan of fossils, dinosaurs and animals that use to roam the earth long before present man called it home, than this is a must purchase. It becomes a beautiful display item for you to showcase inside of your home, so whether you already have a large collection of fossils and bones or you are looking to start one today, this is a must that is going to improve your collection.

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