Ghost In A Bottle

Ghost In A Bottle
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Hallmark has created “My pet Ghost in a Bottle”. If you are a scary stuff collector or simply a ghost fanatic, this is the toy for you! You will be able to collect a personal pet ghost, with each having his or her own personality. There is Genevieve Ruffles, Julian Hijinks, and Maxwell McSpooky. They make their own personal, frightening, ghostly sounds. Push the top, and watch them in action! They can be Halloween props or gift toys for a child. Have your kids, nephews and nieces, or grandchildren be the coolest kids in school with their very own pet ghost in a bottle.

Make the ghost in a bottle a part of your Spooky family. They have been haunting homes since 1602 and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere soon, so let them haunt yours. Amaze your home visitors and friends with your amazing, capturing ghosts in bottles capabilities! And show-off your ghost! If you have a more terrifying personality, try horrifying your friends by tricking them into pushing the button without expecting anything creepy to happen. Put your ghost bottle in a spice cabinet and ask a friend to hand you some of the “Genevieve Ruffles” cinnamon for your oatmeal. Tell them that they need to push down the button for the top to come off, then relax and watch for their reaction. This suggestion is to be used at your own risk. You may want to avoid pranking the elderly and the weak at heart.

This toy is great for the joker in your family to the Halloween fanatic. Collect all three and enjoy them for hours with your family, friends and guest. Have them out at your party or carry them on your person, and enjoy the scary fun wherever you go. You wouldn't want to be without your ghost! You did capture it after all.

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