Light Up Goo

Light Up Goo
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Is the world getting you down? Are the stresses of life fading away your hopes and dreams? Light up your world with Light Up Goo! Encounter the stress-relieving effect this colorful light up putty has as you stretch, bounce, pull, and throw it. The putty itself comes in various colors and are distributed at random. Inside, the putty contains a light module that gives this fun, stretchy elastic a neon rainbow glow.

The only downside to this colorful experiment is that it comes with non-replaceable batteries. It is marketed toward children over three, but don't be afraid to get some for yourself. It comes with one ounce of Goo and its own container. The putty is very soft, and the light module turns off by itself, so you don't need to do anything to turn it off. By manipulating the putty you can easily shape and mold it into an out of this world alien or roll it into a ball and create a colorful, bright bouncy ball! This Light Up Goo is great for relieving nervousness, stress, and the wiggles.

This goo is really cool because it is translucent putty, so that the bright module isn't dimmed by a dull color. And though the light up module is pretty bright in the daytime, it's even funkier in the dark! The module not only lights up, but it flashes too. It behaves like strong bouncy putty, but it can ooze like liquid too. This toy is perfect for a child over 3 years old that loves a toy that they can play with in more than one way. The putty can play a hundred different roles according to your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Don't hesitate to get this amazing, dazzling putty for a great birthday, Christmas, or any day gift.

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