Rose Light Bulb

Rose Light Bulb
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Thomas Edison gets a lot of credit for creating the light bulb. Unfortunately, most people aren't aware of all the light bulb variations that descended from Edison's initial invention. Sure, people know about neon lights, florescent lights, and the ubiquitous Christmas lights. In our frenzy to go green, people are usually informed about CFL lights. However, most people will be surprised to learn about what is essentially light bulb art. Consider this awesome rose light bulb from Damar. The interior of the bulb is shaped to look like a rose in full bloom. It comes with two red roses and two sets of green leaves on the stem.

While most young adults are discovering these artisan bulbs for the first time, they have actually been around since as far back as 1969. You can consider them healthy for the environment. The rose light bulb only runs on a total of three watts. Of course, this means it doesn't provide much light, but it does provide a soothing decoration. The bulb is medium based, and it will fit into most standard home lamps. The bulb has a lifetime of over 400 hours. Since it provides decoration instead of general illumination, this means an average user will not have it on most of the time. Those 400 hours will generally last for one to two years.

Thomas Edison would be proud of this light bulb. It's fun, attractive, and something a little different to have in your home. Find an antique lamp in you home, and place one of these light bulbs in it today!

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