Automatic Laser Pet Toy

Automatic Laser Pet Toy
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If you're an animal lover, then chances are that you've been an animal lover your whole life. And if you have a funny memory from your childhood regarding your beloved childhood pet, it likely involved a flashlight. Most of us have at one time or another, when we were little kids (and big kids) used a flashlight to make our pets go batty by shining the light onto the wall or floor and making the pet chase after the light. Cats and dogs go crazy with this trick and so do their owners because it's just -- hilarious.

An animal will go to great lengths to reach that light, which is next-to-impossible for the animal to actually grasp in his or her paws. Cats will climb walls and slide all over the floor chasing after the light while dogs will bark and pretty much do the same thing. This is a particularly fun trick to do with cats. If you have a furry friend, you'll love making them go batty with the Automatic Laser Pet Toy.

Created with your entertainment and the entertainment of your cat in mind, this fun-filled laser toy is easy-to-use and operates in either a manual mode or an automatic mode. You can hold it in your hand in manual mode and run around with your pet, or simply set this fun-filled device on any flat surface set to automatic mode. In automatic mode, the device generates random patterns for your pet's pleasure. When not in-use, the device will automatically shut off after 15 minutes to preserve battery lifetime.

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